ASP.NET VS PHP | Which is the best ?


ASP.NET and PHP programming are the most popular languages in the world and they are used by many developers, and makes it difficult for new developers to choose one of them.

The comparison between these two has been in debate in recent times. These two languages are used in large web-based applications. Some successful companies such as Google, Facebook and Twitter also use these languages. In this article we will understand the difference between ASP.NET and PHP also, which will discuss which is better ASP.NET VS PHP .

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Before we learn more about the differences between the two languages, we must first understand some of the basic techniques of two technology:


PHP represents the Hypertext Preprocessor. It is an open-source programming language used for web development and can be embedded in HTML. The best part of PHP is that it is free and has a robust framework that makes web development easy and is great for beginners because it allows basic and simple coding methods. PHP is extraordinary for experts as well because of its advanced features.

Why use a PHP framework?

A PHP framework gives an essential structure for streamlining the development of web applications. The applications and sites built using PHP frameworks will help the businesses to improve their performance needs.

The best PHP frameworks available:

  • Laravel
  • CodeIgniter
  • Symfony
  • Zend
  • Phalcon
  • CakePHP
  • Yii
  • FuelPHP

Pros and Cons of PHP framework


  • Rapid Development
  • Centralized Database
  • Stronger Teamwork
  • Makes your application more secure


  • Slower Execution
  • PHP is unsecured
  • Poor error handling method
  • Limited Visibility and Control

Demand for PHP Developer:

In today’s web development market, the greater part of the sites are created utilizing PHP development tools which indicates a huge demand for PHP developers. If you are looking to make an entry to the IT world as a developer, at that point PHP programming will be a simple passage point.

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ASP.NET is an open-source server-side web development tool created by Microsoft for simple structure of web applications and site pages. It can be written using any .Net supported language which makes it progressively popular among .NET developers. High speed and low cost are the main reasons to use it. Websites built ASP.NET is quicker and more proficient than a site built with PHP.

Pros and Cons of ASP.NET framework


  • Less coding time
  • World class toolbox
  • Consistency
  • Customizability and Extensibility


  • Limited Object-Relational (OR) support
  • Bit expensive
  • Slower than Native Code

Demand for ASP.NET Developer:

If you are a .NET developer, you will find yourself demanded by few development organizations as your programming abilities are extremely valuable in today’s market. There are numerous companies hunting for developers who can do programming with .NET.

Therefore, it is recommended that you brush your abilities with ASP.NET certification training, which will increase your value multiplied and make an edge over others.

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Comparison Between ASP.NET and PHP

Both ASP.NET and PHP frameworks are effective frameworks to work with, however, one may have a few points of interest over the other.  Let’s dive deeper and compare these frameworks to understand which one is better than the other.

  1. Market Share:

According to the report, BuiltWith data source PHP is the most utilized programming language which has 73% of market share, and 23% of ASP.NET market share.  PHP also has a market share of 58% in top 100K websites and market share of PHP in 10K websites is 52%. Statistics for websites using Programming Language technologies:

  1. Websites

There are two lists that compare ASP.NET VS PHP websites.

Websites built using PHP Websites built using ASP.NET







  1. Inbuilt features

ASP.NET doesn’t have any such features. On the other hand,PHP has many unique in-built features that can help web developers.

  1. Speed and Performance

When you compare ASP.NET VS PHP for speed, PHP will be the winner. ASP.NET is a bit slow compared to PHP as it is built on the COM-based system whereas, PHP program runs on its own memory space.

  1. Community Support

Compared to ASP.NET, learning support is extraordinary in the PHP framework and has a large support community. It will be hard for you to get hold of #C language of ASP.NET  as it is difficult to understand.

Key differences between ASP.NET vs PHP

PHP was launched by Rasmus Lerdorf in the year 1995. ASP.NET was launched by Microsoft in the year 2002.
PHP is a scripting language ASP.NET is a paid Microsoft provided web application framework.
PHP suits for small sized organizations ASP.NET suits for a large and medium-sized organization.
PHP has a decent market share in the  market ASP.NET has a higher market share
PHP works slow for desktop applications ASP.NET is well equipped to assist and create desktop applications.
PHP is good for applications that are main focuses on the UI ASP.NET suits better for applications where the key concern is security.
Easy to learn Quite challenging to learn.
Coding using PHP is easy when compared to all other languages Coding with ASP.
PHP can run in Linux Operating System which is available for free ASP.NET requires a Windows platform which is not free

PHP execution is faster since it uses in-built memory spaceCoding with ASP.NET is complicated.


Both ASP.NET VS PHP come with their pros and cons. PHP is secure, quick, solid, and  inexpensive and ASP.NET is simpler to utilize and maintain because of its class library system. Since both programming languages are similar and achieve similar outcomes so the organization can make a choice based on the necessities and requirements of the app they are about to develop.

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