Reason to Learn Java Programming Language

If you’re a programmer now, or you need to become one, you’ve probably heard of Java.

There are a vast number of tried-and-true programming languages to choose from, each with its very own advantages and drawbacks. At the same time, a host of new programming languages, such as Google Go, Apple’s Swift, and Rust keep on showing up.

Some of these are seen to replace existing languages, while others target new and emerging platforms.

Subsequently, we’re often asked why learning Java now is so essential?

In this article, Java training providing institute will share list of reason, and why you should learn Java programming and why Java is Best.

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Why you should learn Java Programming Language

Here is few reasons to learn Java programming language , and whether Java is the best programming language in terms of opportunities, development and community support.

1) Java is popular.

Java keeps on being a one of the most popular programming languages in the world. There’s an infinite number of ways to utilize Java. According to the IEEE Spectrum ranking, Java holds the title as the most well known programming language.

2) Pay matters.

Recently reports confirm that Java programmers are the highest paid programmers in the industry. Global digital business news publication, Analysis by Quartz, confirms that it is lucrative to have java skills on your resume.

Career planning company indicates that Java remains one of the well known and best paying languages in the US, UK and Australia in its 2015 salaries and demand report.

A worldwide employment-related job search engines report that the average Java developer pay for posting jobs in the US in February 2016 is $ 102,000.

3) Java programmers are employable.

Java programming skills stay in high demand with employers. It is a widely used language with a large scale established base.

4) Java is everywhere.

Java is estimated to keep running on more than 3 billion devices worldwide. No other language runs on as many devices. Java gives you a chance to make programs that work anywhere, including smartphones,  set top boxes, servers, ATMs, point of sale (POS) terminals, Blu-ray players, internet of Things gateways, automobiles and more.

5) Java is used in real world applications.

You may be wondering where Java is used. Here are a few examples:

  • Java is utilized in a large number of the world’s most prominent web sites, including,,, and
  • Java is virtually excellent for developing enterprise services in any industry, including financial services, healthcare and manufacturing.
  • Java is ideal for IoT.
  • Java is  perfect for cloud development.

6) Java has staying power.

Java recently celebrated its 20th birthday, it proves its power in the industry. Who wants to create an application in language that can be obsolete in some years?

There are good Java tools to increase your productivity.

An important factor in picking a language is the accessibility of good developer tools to ensure productivity. Numerous tools are free or open source.Netbeans and Eclipse are great examples in the integrated development environment (IDE) space.

8) The Java community is passionate.

With estimates as high as 9 million Java developers worldwide, Java has a dynamic and active community that works together to foster and develop this powerful programming language. There are various approaches to get required all through your profession.

9) Java has a strong roadmap.

Oracle is committed to Java with a strong development roadmap. In Java 9, which has been scheduled for the release of March 2017, Oracle is planning to modify the platform while improving security and performance. This will enable java to scale from large software systems to smaller devices, which includes the Internet of Things Processor.

10) Java has the world’s leading developer certifications.

Numerous specialized technical training institutions, colleges and universities offer courses in java programming. Validate your skills for employers by earning one of the Java Certification, one of the most well-respected developer certifications in the world.

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