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We are pleased to announce that CBitss Technologies have launched our new website after months of hard work and dedication of our team, We are delighted to officially announce the launch Job portal on March 31, 2019 site available URL is

find jobs onlineOur goal with this new website is to provide our visitors a bridge to find employees and also to help job seekers to find jobs to browse information based on their own choice where employer can upload detailed information about the job & employees can upload their Resume and other details.CBitss is Continuously adding new wings to the Ventures of CBitss to reach the Zenith of Success, This time doing Inauguration of JOB Portal for All the Students of CBitss and others.

Hiring employees onlineSince the technical courses now have a good engagement with the industry and provide fast employment opportunities, it is not always right for non-technical degree holders, they can choose any short term job oriented course to make themselves ready for  job. This segment is dedicated for those who are without jobs because only a small percentage is selected for post graduation and further studies which make them feel stuck.Career counseling and relevant apprenticeship plans have been envisaged as part of the plan to prepare them for the job.

With easy to use Interface, the site has Facebook, Twitter and Linkedin integrated social media buttons that promote better communication with customers. We will continue to update our content with useful information, articles, blogs, newsletters, company announcements and customer successes.

We hope you will find new website helpful, the information will be easy to reach and we want to establish this portal as the source of information for those coming to our site.

We would also like to thank our wonderful staff at CBitss Technologies who have donated their time and energy to build this site.

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