Google ranking factors

Google Ranking Factors

There are lots of imaginations and very few facts available about the Google ranking factors to complete the rank of a webpage. In fact, it is generally believed that Google’s Hummingbird algorithm uses over 200 factors to rank any webpage.

Google ranking factors

Discussion on Google Ranking Factors:

On-Page Factors

Quality of your content and the way your page is optimized have the most conclusions on the ranking of your page. Top On-Page factors which affect the Google ranking:

  • Content length: The longer your content the better you would be able to cover your topic. Pages with 2000 words or more, famous to rank much higher than one-dimensional pages.

  • Quality of content: Write authentic good quality content for each page and avoid duplicate content at any cost.

  • Content update: Google prefers newly and routinely updated content. The powerful and greatness of the update is also an important factor for Google.

  • Keyword in the Title tag:  Include keyword at the starting of the title tag so that it provides an accurate description of the content of the page.

  • Keyword in Description tag: Including the keyword in Description meta tag is helps search engines make search results more relevant.

  • Keyword in H1 tag: Search engines consider H1 tag like a secondary title tag and including the keyword in H1 tag helps search engines further evaluate the relevancy of your page.

  • Keyword prominence: Your keyword should appear in the first 100  words of your content on each page.

  • Keyword frequency: You don’t need to stuff the content with keyword however it is important that keyword appears more than once.

  • Image optimization: Include your keyword in image file name, alt text, title, caption and description to enhance relevance signals sent to search engines.

  • Outbound links:  Linking your pages to force websites sends trust and relevant signals to Google but please use these links in moderation.


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Backlink Factors

span style=”font-weight: 400;”>The total number of external links marking to your site and the quality of those links are very important factors which Google look for while conclusive the rank of your web pages. Top Backlink factors which disturb the ranking of the pages:

  • No. of linking root domains: The number of different domains offering to your page is one of the highest important off-page factors in Google’s algorithm.

  • Age of linking domain: Backlinks from previous domains have a higher value in Google’s algorithm than newer domains.

  • Authority of linking domain: The authority of domain offering to your site is an important ranking factor as well. One link from the highest authority domain is more important than multiple links from low authority domains.

  • Authority of linking pages: Similar to domain authority, the authority of offering page (Page Authority) is a most important factor.

  • Link from a homepage: Link from a homepage of an offering domain is more powerful than a link from any other page.

  • A mix of Dofollow and Nofollow links: Although Nofollow links don’t play a direct role in search engine rankings, it is a mixture of Dofollow and Nofollow links to avoid the risk of appearing careful to search engines.

  • A mix of link types: It is important to have a mix of different Variety of links e.g. bookmarking, social profiles, guest posts, blog comments etc.

  • Contextual links: Backlinks embedded within the content on the offering page are more important than standalone links.

  • Anchor text: Although backlink anchor text is less important today than older, it is still an obligatory source of relevancy signals for Google.


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